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Stainless Steel Investment       Aluminium Die-castings

secondary processes and CNC machining

Stainless Steel Investment Castings

Our Stainless Steel Investment Casting foundry uses ceramic lost wax process with an annual capacity of about 1,000 tons to produce both stainless steel and carbon steel parts of unit weights ranging from 5 grams up to 5 kg (and in some special cases we can go up to 50 kg parts).

Aluminium Die-castings

Our aluminum die-cast foundry is robotically managed with cast capacity ranging from 280 tons to 840 tons presses.  Materials include ADC12, AlSi12, AlSi10MgFe, etc.


CNC Machining

MYKE Technologies are excited to announce that we have increased our machining capability in both CNC milling and CNC turning.  We now employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide our customers high quality, precision machining processes to complement our investment casting of parts.

Machined Aluminium Sheets & Blocks

Our CNC machining includes CNC milling, CNC turning, precision surface grinding, etc.  This completes our processes from casting, prototyping, to machining, assembly and even fabrication of mechanical components, jigs & fixtures and testing fixtures and even simple die/ molds to finished parts possible.


Stamped Metal Parts & Trays

MYKE Technologies produce a wide standard range of SUS304 stainless steel trays used in Research and Development, Medical and Food industries.  Contact us for your stainless steel trays.

Business Services

Our Business Services Division provides consulting services in Logistics Management and Manufacturing Management.  Our Consultants are experts in their field.  Our niche Consultancy covers General Business, Manufacturing Management and Logistics Management.

We work closely with our client in confidence.  Contact us today.